• Caroline Duke

Electronic Music Production

Since September 2018 I’ve been attending a course in electronic music production at SAE in Stockholm. My finals are all done and now it has sadly come to an end. My goal is now to start producing myself or at least co-produce my own music. I’ll hopefully release even more music this year! I also have another goal and that is to start writing songs for other artists. Since I write so much anyway, my thoughts on the matter is why the hell not? :) I love music and I have all this inspiration to try new things out on my own.

This is from our first assignment which was mixing a song. I hardly knew any of the functions in Logic X Pro and was struggling pretty hard. I've come a long way since then but there's still so much to learn! I also completed a remix (never done that in my life) and also produced an original song. Can't wait to write and produce even more now.



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