• Caroline Duke


I've been asked many times where I get my inspiration from when I write music. The thing is writing music is a very natural part of my life that I draw inspiration from all sorts of things. I can hear or read a word/sentence that really moves me and write a song about that. Sometimes I just sit down and play and the words just comes to me. I ad lib a lot when I write, so at first it doesn't always make such sense. It's when I puzzle all the pieces together, and that's where I get the story sort of speak.

I usually tend to get inspired by romantic themes with a twist. There's something that makes the stpry more interesting if you add an element of darkness and danger to it.

When I listen to music I wanna be drawn into another world and into another mind set. That's what I'm trying to achieve when I write music. It's a blurred line between fact and fiction. But it doesn't really matter since it comes from a place in my imagination which makes it very real in that moment.

What I would recommend any songwriter regardless of genre is don't overthink before you write. Let go of all thoughts that "it's not good enough" or "this is not a hit single". Fuck all that shit. The thing is, songwriting is a process and the truth is you write a lot before you are pleased with a few songs. I've written hundreds and hundreds of songs. Some I'm more or less pleased with, but it still represents something that was on my mind at the time I was writing them. That's the beauty of it.



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