Caroline Duke is an indie singer/songwriter, topliner and composer from Stockholm, Sweden. Her music has crossed different genres from indie pop to pop/rock and now electro pop. 

Her debut EP "Lovers and Madmen" was released in 2016 produced by Dino Medanhodzic. The songs are inspired by cinematic themes such as romance and crime and the fine line between love and madness. She followed up with her debut album in 2019 called "Wild at Heart". She describes "Wild at Heart" as more of a concept album compared to "Lovers and Madmen" that is inspired by different love stories with a dark twist.

She is releasing three new singles in the fall/winter of 2020/2021. "Bluebirds" is the first single out, available on all major streaming services. She describes it as an upbeat pop song. "It's easy to feel jaded but the song is a reminder to keep being a dreamer".

In 2019 Caroline started writing songs for other artists, mainly in the genres mainstream pop, k-pop and j-pop. 

Selected Quotes

Bluebirds is a feel-good piece of electro pop music with lush melodies on which Caroline beautifully showcases her lovely vocals and songwriting skills. I am really enjoying the infectious chorus which is perfect to sing along to and the whole atmosphere of the song is quite uplifting and perfect for a fun weekend.


- Caesar live n loud (review of "Bluebirds")

The track has a gothic charm to it and if you can imagine Lana Del Rey crooning epically lush electro torch songs but with a heart full of the broken dreams of Marianne Faithfull, that is only a hint of how good this song is!

- Electronic North (About debut single "Everytime You Walk Away")

...The grandiose nature of her voice and lyrics hang well on the bare, subtle nature of her music. It would be interesting to see how she would fare given a good push and backing of as her talent sits comfortably amongst that of her major label peers. As long as they don't force any big changes they could nurture some huge things for her.

- 3 Songs & Out (review of debut EP "Lovers and Madmen").






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